Belʼs Progress Since the accident.


My name is Bel and I would like to tell you a little of what I have achieved since my accident. After my fall I couldn't move from the neck downwards. I spent 10 months in Leeds General Infirmary fully ventilated before I finally made it home in April 2011. I still couldn't breath by myself so required my ventilator to be fixed to my wheel chair. I spent most of last year practicing breathing by myself and with many hours of physiotherapy I gradually spent more time off the ventilator. Now I don't need it at all during the day.

In september 2011 I started back at school full time. I can now operate my wheelchair myself with a small lever fixed on the arm of the chair. It is a great relief not to have to ask Mummy or Daddy to keep pushing me all the time and I can even give a ride to my brother, Harry, which is really fun.

I still do get very tired as things don't stop after school. I have to get through 2 hours of physiotherapy every evening to keep my limbs and joints supple and to stretch my muscles. Weekends are a little more relaxing and I go to my hydrotherapy swimming session on sundays which I really enjoy.

I still require a nurse every night to watch me while I sleep and make sure the ventilator is working , if she wasn't there Mummy or Daddy would have to stay with me, so it also means they can get a good nights sleep.

I do have a little feeling in my arms and legs now and if I concentrate really hard I can make small movements. Look at the photos to see me in action, I still need a lot of help to get me through each day, even a full time carer who comes with me to school every day.

My family and I rely heavily on your generous donations to complete my care package and all the equipment thats needed to give me the support to continue my daily life. Thank you.


Bel arriving home from school and getting out of the car independently.

In the middle of an intensive physiotherapy
session, Bel still finds the time to pose for
the camera!

Harry having a ride!